Stephanie Wong Martinez Little Love Parcels

Little Love Parcels is a fun little shop full of colorful jewelry and gifts handmade just for you!

Hi there! I'm Stephanie and I am the designer behind Little Love Parcels!

Ever since I can remember, I have always loved arts and crafts. This shop served as my creative outlet while studying during exams in 2016 and working as a pediatric occupational therapist. In 2019, my boring store-bought badge reel had broken thus began my journey into making badges with beautiful, colorful, and long-lasting embroidered floral designs. Soon after, friends and family were requesting some of these little treasures to be made for them and then friends of friends.

I have since expanded my range to include lovely sterling silver embroidery hoop necklaces and earrings. These little works of art are so beautiful for every day wear! My favorite creations are custom orders made as gifts for loved ones or in memory of those that will always be in our hearts.

And what is the story behind the name Little Love Parcels? I love receiving traditional mail and what better than to receive a small one-of-a-kind package of made with love?

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With Love,