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Little Love Parcels

Red Poppies and Purple Roses with Genuine Tangerine Garnet Hoop Earrings

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Prepare to swoon over these magical earrings featuring the tiniest embroidery in a Sterling silver frame. The micro-stitched embroidery will play beautifully off that wildly colorful boho dress you just bought to celebrate Summer and just as easily accentuate your casual date night style. No matter the setting, these earrings frame your face with vibrant color and joy.

THIS STYLE: These earrings feature lovingly hand-stitched red poppies and purple roses with genuine tangerine garnet gemstones on a lavender background. 

The hoop earrings are made of 925 sterling silver and feature an interchangeable charm design! You can wear these minimal earrings with the embroidered charms, slip them off for daily wear as classic half-inch hoop earrings, or wear the embroidered charm as a pendant. To find more charms or add a chain, click here

DIMENSIONS: These dainty earrings measure 1.25 inches long.

ABOUT THE PRODUCT: The process of crafting handmade jewelry is already quite intricate but bringing embroidery into the mix elevates the piece entirely. I begin by creating a design which is then translated into the small hand stitches you see on each earring. 

This set of floral hoop earrings was handmade in Texas and features an original Little Love Parcels design. Each item in my shop is lovingly gift wrapped and sent in a small parcel box to prevent crushing in transit, and ships within 1-2 days.

A portion of every purchase goes directly to help families in medical need. You can learn more here about how your purchase helps make an impact.

All designs are the copyright of Little Love Parcels.